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Albright Honored with Community Award

Albright College recently received the 2017 Eugene L. Shirk Community Building Company Award from BCTV.

The award is presented to a business or organization that promotes and exemplifies involvement in the community. In announcing Albright as this year’s recipient, BCTV enumerated the ways that the College, under the leadership of President Lex McMillan, has expanded community engagement. These include Albright’s educational partnership with neighboring 13th and Union Elementary School, the Community Leaders Advisory Council, the Center for Excellence in Local Government, and the President’s Council on Diversity and Community.

Albright is also a founding partner of the Berks Alliance, and has earned multiple Bronze Awards from the United Way of Berks County, thanks to its strong annual support of that organization.

“BCTV is honored to recognize Albright for its valuable contributions to Berks County, and pleased to be housed with Albright’s radio station, WXAC, in the Community Media Center on campus where both entities are diligently serving the eyes and ears of citizens in Reading and Berks,” said Heather Adams, BCTV executive director. “Albright College and Dr. McMillan have made valuable strides in bridging the community and higher education.”

BCTV is a nonprofit corporation committed to providing live programming on cable  TV and online produced and hosted by people in the Berks County community.