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Breaking Out of the Box

They say change begins when you step outside of your comfort zone. But let’s face it, comfort zones are nice. They’re familiar, safe and secure. They keep us calm and worry-free, enveloping us like a warm and cozy cocoon.

Sometimes, however, we realize that comfort zones have become boxes that we didn’t even realize we were in. Safe and secure boxes, but boxes nonetheless. At a place like Albright, where curious and creative students are encouraged to want more, question everything, challenge themselves in new ways and to never put limits on what they can do, we as administrators should know better than to slip into our own comfort zones—our own boxes.

Well, I’ve loved the box that I’ve been in as editor of this magazine for almost two decades. Getting to tell Albright’s story, and so many of your stories, through these pages, has been inspiring, gratifying and incredibly humbling as I’ve shared your words of achievement, adversity and accomplishment.

Nevertheless, it’s time I stepped outside of my comfort zone; time to break out of the box.

As you’ll see later in this issue, President Fetrow announced a leadership and administrative restructuring that will  better enable the College to do the important work that lies ahead. As part of that restructuring, I am now thrilled to be leading the new Communications Division. So, while I’m not leaving Albright College, my new responsibilities mean breaking out of my editor’s box so that I can strategize new and exciting ways to tell Albright’s story. Is this new responsibility scary? YES! Is this new responsibility exciting? YES! Will I make a mistake or two along the way? Of  course, and hopefully they will be small ones. Will I continue to love Albright and do  everything I can to tell the Albright story in ways that will have an even greater impact? You bet!

Wishing you all joy and peace in the new year.


– Jennifer Post Stoudt

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